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Status of the Living Wall Remediation
Posted on Sep 16th, 2015

Suburban finished placing dark brown tree mulch around all our common area trees early in September. This work took a few days and was done free of charge as part of the remediation plan to address the living wall install by Suburban and to help regain confidence in Suburban. This work would normally cost many thousands of dollars and will help all our trees retain moisture better. 
Suburban has promised to replace all dead trees in the living wall for 2 years from the install date and shift trees around so that the same type and shape are grouped together. It's been fairly hot in August and September and to start replacing trees during these months would put the new trees at risk of dying over the winter.
Here is the schedule from Suburban via Rick Brandorff who is our board member who handles landscaping and works with Suburban.
September 9 - 14 - Trees in the common areas were mulched.
September 9-25 - Seeding and aeration of the commons to be done.
Late October - early November - 65 dead junipers and the very bushy "witched broom" junipers will be removed and replaced depending on the weather. 
More details will be provided as we approach that work. 
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