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White Tail Path Lighting
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2016

The Whitetail neighborhood has a lighting system that runs along the sidewalk path from the 13th St. entrance to the 127th St. entrance with additional lights at the stone pillars along the interior sections of the living wall.This low-voltage LED system consists of tree illumination lights spaced between (22) bollards along with the necessary transformers and photocells. The photocells automatically turn the lights on and off based on the ambient light conditions. Since the photocells are located at different locations in the system they sense darkness and light at slightly different times, so it is possible that one section of the path may go “on" or “off" before another. In spring of 2016 our contractor will install “frosting” material around the bulbs in all of the bollards.  This change will be subtle but is intended to reduce the glare of the bright LED bulbs without overly compromising the light output. Each bollard is numbered on its concrete base. If possible, please use this bollard number to report an outage in the bollard or nearby tree light as it will allow us to steer the repair tech to the correct area more quickly.  The upward facing tree light fixtures should all have grills over them. These grills are delicate and should not be touched. In a few places, lights from the old lighting system may be become visible due to shifting mulch. These lights do not have grills and are no longer operational.
A question came up at the 2016 annual meeting asking why some path lights are sometimes on during the day. 
The only lights that are controlled by a timer are a few spots at the waterfall feature. The rest of the path lights, both bollards and tree lights, are activated by approximately 20 photocells mounted on the transformer boxes. There is approximately one photocell for every one or two bollards. Each cell also controls several nearby trees. The photocells turn the lights on and off with the ambient lighting so the lights do not go on/off at the same time because the light exposure on any given photocell can be different due to shade from nearby trees or fences etc. The shade on any cell also changes over the course of the day as the sun moves or is affected due to overcast conditions. Shade on the cells is reduced during the winter when the trees have lost their leaves. 
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