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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:            How much are HOA Dues and when are they paid?
A:            White Tail Master HOA dues are currently $646.00, due in two semi-annual payments of $323.00 on January 1st and July 1st. You will receive an invoice in the mail. If you do not receive an invoice by the 15th of the month before due please contact HOA Management at 316-351-7650. Failure to receive an invoice does not exempt you from your responsibility of payment. Failure to timely pay dues will result in late fees.
Q:            Is there a way to make payments for my HOA dues online?
A:             Yes. Go to http://www.homeownermgnt.com/payments. You will need your Whitetail account number and your last name to create an account. The account number can be found on your dues invoice or you can contact the Homeowner Management Services office at 351-7650 ext. 227 for your account number.                
Note: Some homeowners are using an earlier online payment method by Paydici. Payments made through them still work, however it is more cost effective to set up a new account through Homeowner Management Services. Payments may also be dropped off at, or mailed to the office at 1900 East Douglas suite 100, Wichita 67214. If making a payment in person, please bring a money order or a personal check.
Q:            Is there a community website?
A:            There are two! Our personal website is www.whitetailhoa.net. Here, you can find important announcements, a Board and neighborhood directory, important documents like restrictive covenants, and much more. If you have any difficulty registering with the website or have other web-related questions, please contact Jackie Wachtel at jwachtel@cox.net .
In addition, we encourage you to register for a free account at www.nextdoor.com. Nextdoor is an HOA networking site through which all neighbors can post announcements, questions, etc. You can configure Nextdoor to email you periodic recaps of announcements and other postings from the Board and your neighbors, so this is the best way to keep up to date.
Q:            What changes to my property require prior approval?
A:            If you want to paint your house, replace a roof, add an expansion, install a fence, build a pool, install a shed or other detached structure, or make any other changes to your property that are governed by the restrictive covenants, you are required to have prior approval from the Design Review Committee (“DRC”). Please be aware that there are very strict and detailed requirements about roofs, fences, and other improvements, which is why you MUST obtain prior approval from the DRC!
White Tail is composed of 5 distinct sub-neighborhoods, and they are governed by different restrictive covenants and different DRCs. These covenants are available at www.whitetailhoa.net under the “Documents” section. Also, on the front page of the website, you will find the names and contact information of each DRC, and a link to submit your DRC requests online. Please include a description of your project, materials and colors, and plans, drawings, or photos if possible.
Q:         Whom do I contact about a problem?
A:         Please direct all invoicing or payment issues to HOA Management. Submit DRC requests and inquiries directly to your DRC (see above). Send all other inquiries to the HOA Board at whitetailboard@whitetailhoa.net.
Q:            Do we have an agreement with any trash service companies?
A:            You are responsible for initiating and paying for trash service. Every couple of years, we negotiate with various trash companies for service. Currently, we have an agreement with Waste Connections for both trash and recycling service. This is not mandatory for home owners but everyone gets a lower cost if 85% of the home owners use their service. You can contact Waste Connections at 316-838-6664. NOTE: Trash containers must be stored within your garage or container storage area, not on your driveway.
Q:            How to I access the pool?
A:            The pool is generally open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. You will need a key card to enter and exit the pool. New and replacement key cards cost $20 and can be obtained by contacting poolkey@whitetailhoa.net. Failure to timely pay dues or adhere to pool rules will result in deactivation of your card.
Q:          My mailbox post or mailbox needs to be replaced. Who can I contact for this work?
A:          A company we have used in the past to replace mail boxes is Commercial Property Services, Inc. at 688-5200. In 2014, their price to pull and replace the post and set boxes was $210.00, a new locking box is $85.00.
If you just need to replace your mailbox, we have some locking mailbox examples on the web site HERE.
Q:          What are the best trees to plant in White Tail? 
A:          Recommended Replacement Trees
These are the trees selected by County Extension Senior Horticulturist Bob Neier for our area. They are the best bets for drought and pest tolerance.  

Lacebark Elm (Large)
“Frio” Bald Cypress (Large)
Swamp White Oak, Bur Oak, Shingle Oak, English Oak  – but NO Pin Oak  (Large)
Shantung Maple, “Oregon Trail” Sugar Maple, “Autumn Splendor” Sugar Maple, ”Crimson Sunset” Maple  (Large)
Hackberry (Large)
Chinese Pistache (Medium)
“Bracken’s Brown” Southern Magnolia (Medium)
Amur Maple (Small)
Oklahoma Redbud – (Small)
Arbovitae - Oriental species only, NOT American. Note that 90% sold are the American.  (size varies)
Canart Juniper (size varies)
NO Pines
Size at maturity:
Small = under 20 ft.
Medium = 20 – 40 ft.
Large = over 40 ft.
Welcome to the neighborhood!