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Tree Wall plans - New Tree Plantings
Posted on Oct 8th, 2015 Comments (0)
UPDATE AS OF 11/17/2015
The replacement trees have arrived and are being unloaded by Suburban in the pool parking lot as a staging area. They will wait until Wednesday to begin the replacement work. They are shutting off all the irrigation today to begin the work tomorrow. Feel free to visit the pool parking lot area to see the trees - they are supposed to be very uniform in shape and approximately 6 feet tall. 
UPDATE AS OF 11/16/2015
Suburban informed us that the trucks with the trees got stuck in the Rockies with bad weather. They should arrive Tuesday morning (11/17) at 8am. Suburban crews will be out today (11/16) starting to straighten trees and setting up a staging area for the new trees in the pool parking lot. 
UPDATE AS OF 11/7/2015
Suburban has informed us that 230 trees are on their way to White Tail but unfortunately, they are sources from the northwest. This means that they will likely not be received for another 5 days which will delay the planting by about a week. Attached is a photo of one of the trees before it was put on the truck. 
UPDATE AS OF 11/5/2015
Suburban will be receiving the new trees spanning Friday (11/6) through early on the following week. They will do a quality check and then begin planting like shape and size trees in the spots where they removed the dead trees. The 127th and 13th street spans will take top priority. 
The lighting system has had a number of outstanding items to be resolved before the board will accept the project as complete. The goal is to finish that work by Thursday, 11/12. 
We have heard stories from home owners about golf carts on the sidewalks which are hitting the lighting bollards causing damage. Please be on the watch for this. Nobody should be riding anything motorized on the sidewalks. 
Recommended trees for planting in White Tail
Posted on Sep 24th, 2015 Comments (0)
These are the trees selected by County Extension Senior Horticulturist Bob Neier for our area. They are the best bets for drought and pest tolerance.  
Status of the Living Wall Remediation
Posted on Sep 16th, 2015 Comments (0)
Suburban finished placing dark brown tree mulch around all our common area trees early in September. This work took a few days and was done free of charge as part of the remediation plan to address the living wall install by Suburban and to help regain confidence in Suburban. This work would normally cost many thousands of dollars and will help all our trees retain moisture better. 
Suburban has promised to replace all dead trees in the living wall for 2 years from the install date and shift trees around so that the same type and shape are grouped together. It's been fairly hot in August and September and to start replacing trees during these months would put the new trees at risk of dying over the winter.
Here is the schedule from Suburban via Rick Brandorff who is our board member who handles landscaping and works with Suburban.
September 9 - 14 - Trees in the common areas were mulched.
September 9-25 - Seeding and aeration of the commons to be done.
Late October - early November - 65 dead junipers and the very bushy "witched broom" junipers will be removed and replaced depending on the weather. 
More details will be provided as we approach that work. 
4th Annual Ice Cream Social
Posted on Sep 14th, 2015 Comments (0)
Thanks to Kim Schake, Dave Cunningham and Emily Mirakian for organizing the 4th Annual Ice Cream Social on Sunday 9/14. Over 50 people showed up and had a great time!
See the pictures in the Photo Gallery HERE
2015 HOA Dues, Tree Wall and Lighting Assessment amounts
Posted on Dec 17th, 2014 Comments (0)
The 2015 dues were raised 10% as they have been done for the past few years to stay on top of the significant repairs and landscaping work. Examples are the well and sprinkler repairs, the pool replastering and the main entrance landscaping.
Special Assessment bills were sent out before Thanksgiving and are due within 30 days of the billing date.
Locking Mailbox Options
Posted on Sep 15th, 2014 Comments (1)
At the Special Meeting for Assessments on 9/15/14, information on locking mail boxes was requested. Here are two options you will find in White Tail. One is less expensive and thinner metal. The other is larger with thicker metal but more expensive. 
Roof Replacements
Posted on Mar 8th, 2012 Comments (0)
As Spring has arrived, the Board is receiving a number of requests for approval of roof replacements.  The newly approved materials in The Bracken, Edgewood Townhomes, The Preserve and Woodwind Townhomes, are Certainteed Presidential TL,Certainteed Presidential IR and Certainteed Presidential AR .  The approved colors are  “Classic Weathered Wood”,  “Weathered Wood” and  “Autumn Blend”. 
These roofs ARE NOT approved for The Glenmoor or The Edgewood neighborhoods.
Storage of Trash Containers
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2011 Comments (0)
Trash Containers Must be Stored within a container storage area, the Garage or Residence.

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